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Used Books. From a bike.

We have long looked to used bookstores as a way to explore a town or city. From Oia, Greece to Corvallis, Oregon, to our home in Black Mountain, North Carolina, we've seen the idea of a city displayed in the setup and selection of its used bookstore.

There's a magical feeling when you pick up a book and open the pages to see notes taken, the ideas formed and considered, by those who read it before you.

Our selection is carefully crafted of books we have read and would want to pick up ourselves.

man holding book
man holding book

Used bookstores love donations! After all, we're curating and hosting books that have passed through hands, time, and homes. Get in touch with us if you have books to donate. We'd be grateful!

Got books you want to donate?

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book lot on table
book lot on table


Discover Our Unique Collection

Explore our delightful selection of used books, from timeless classics like The Odyssey to modern mind-benders like Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Our collection is constantly evolving, so you never know what hidden gem you might find.